Oreo Cake


This recipe was inspired by Bakerita’s oreo cake, she has tons of great baking ideas! I made this for my husband’s 25th birthday upon request. Happy Birthday Ben!


1 box of devils food cake (you will need 3 eggs and oil for this)
1 container of Oreo Cookies, finely crushed
1 large container of Whip Cream
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract


For the Oreo whipped cream

1. Carefully cut 6 Oreo cookies in half; set aside. This is really hard to do without breaking the cookies so set aside extras in case some break.  Then use a large plastic baggy to smash the rest of the cookies into small pieces; set aside.

2.Make the Oreo whipped cream in the bowl of standing mixer fitted with whip attachment, whip 4 1/2 cups cream then add, sugar, and vanilla to soft peak.  On medium-high speed to soft peak. Add cookie mix to cream and blend well.

3.  Coat cake with cream frosting (fyi: I have found it is easier to frost with this mix when it is a litter warmer so I wouldn’t recommend storing in the fridge then frosting. I start making this mix as the cakes are cooling then frost when everything is all mixed).

4. To top it off place Oreo halves around cake for a decorative  finish.

(I found this great idea on pinterest. Trace cake pan circles on parchment paper then use when baking your cakes to help prevent your cakes from sticking to the pans. This works like a charm!)




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