Deals and Steals

One of the biggest ways that my husband and I save money is by couponing. Now couponing is not for every0ne, it is time consuming and at times frustrating, but it really pays off in the long run.  One of the biggest tips I can give about couponing is to not use a coupon or buy an item with a coupon just because you can save on it, make a list of the things you buy/need and use coupons ONLY for those items.  This means that sometimes there won’t be great coupons available for the things you normally buy, but using coupons on unnecessary items is one of the quickest ways to start losing money.

Another tip is to stock up! If you have the space and there is a great deal- go for it! One our biggest challenges is our limited storage space, however, my  amazing hubby has created this space effective pantry, which allows me to cash in on great deals.


Here are some of my favorite couponing websites. I love how these ladies break it down with local deals and store specific deals.

Kansas City Mamas– We live in the Kansas City area so this site is perfect. They focus on stores like Dillon’s, Hy-vee, and Price Chopper’s.  They also do a great job of listing online deals as well as restaurant and mall deals as well.

Check it out at-


Southern Savers– Southern savers is AMAZING. They are similar to Kansas City Mamas but they cover the southern part of the U.S. and focus on stores like Publix and Kroger. They also cover national deals and include stores like Target and Walgreens as well.

Check it out at-

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Totally Target– As you may have guessed from the name Totally Target is devoted completed to Target. Which is great, because I LOVE Target.  I have been most successful in couponing at Target due to a combination of their manufacturer + target coupon policy as well as their occasional $5 gift cards when purchasing certain items. This site breaks it down and makes it really easy to cash in on the best Target deals.

Check it out at-

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Here are a few great printable coupon websites as well:



For organic and all natural coupons-

Also, be sure to check your local stores coupon policy. Some stores like Publix, will double all coupons, while Dillions (Kroger and Baker’s as well) will double up to a dollar (however, every store is different so it is important to check your specific stores policy) while most stores don’t double at all. Check on stacking policies as well (using multiple coupons and store and manufacturer coupons together).

Don’t forget to check your local paper for manufacturer coupons.  Most papers run great coupons the last Sunday of the month, but run coupon sections every Sunday as well (the extra good ones are just usually at the end of the month) check your paper and even check what will be in the paper ahead of time