Spring Style Favorites

It has been an unusually cold winter/spring here in Kansas…BUT I can feel spring coming.  The weatherman is forecasting snow for next week (that’s right folks, snow in mid-April), but I am choosing to stay optimistic and I have pulled out all of my spring/summer clothes and put away my winter wardrobe…let’s hope that that wasn’t a terrible decision. But guess what, snow or not it is in the mid 60’s here today with a projected high of 75 tomorrow and I am going to choose to believe winter is really over! Today I am wearing some cute Keds, I have rolled up my jeans and I am wearing a v-neck–I am  ready for spring style!

Here are a few of my favorite looks for spring this season–








Polka Dots







Academy Award’s Style Picks 2013

Wow, well I certainly had the best intentions to post some great recipes/ pics on here, but what can I say…life happened.  Since I last posted school has really picked up, we have had one car disaster after another, and it just now feels like we can breath again!  I would like to say I have been handling this with effortless poise and grace of a truly refined lady but well let’s be honest, I haven’t.  Although I love my life, sometimes I wonder why no one ever told me being a young married couple in grad school working multiple jobs was gonna be so hard….wait that’s right pretty much everyone told me that, ha.  But seriously I really love my life even when it is crazy and so with that being said recipe pics will be coming soon, this time you have my word.

Like a lot of you I spent this past Sunday evening watching the Oscars.  My favorite part of the show is before the show, when you get to see all the beautiful dresses! Being a true girly girl I can’t help but get rapped up in the glamor! Here are a few of my personal favorites from the night…


Reese is such a classy southern lady! I absolutely love her charm and spunky personality.  Her dress was my absolute favorite of the night. The blue is so stunning on her and she looks absolutely glamorous, from head to toe!


Jennifer’s dress was so pretty on her! Although I wasn’t crazy about the back, I thought she really pulled it off and the color was absolutely perfect for her beautiful brown locks.


Another Jenn, and all I can say is WOW! She really pulled this off. I was actually surprised to not see her on best dressed lists. I thought this was a super classy look.


Jessica really brought her A game with this beautiful dress. I thought it was perfect for her and really captured the glamor of the evening.


Amy Adams is just always so gosh darn pretty! Although this wouldn’t typically be a dress I would love, I loved it on her. She looked so classically beautiful.